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Google Jumpstarts 2020 with Selection and Filtering Algorithm Update – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

        Episode Overview: Google wasted no time entering 2020 with a bang, releasing a core algorithm update and updating their Google Shopping Experience within the same week. Join Ben and Searchmetrics CEO Jordan Koene as they review and analyze the immediate impact of Google’s first update of […]

Career Day: A Philosophical Curiosity Yields SEO Success – Raphael Raue // Mozilla

        Episode Overview: The internet has become a massive forum, bringing people together to exchange knowledge, ideas and goods. This exchange is rooted in philosophical principles creating a marketplace of sharing news, information and strategies amongst the SEO community. Join Ben for career day as he interviews Mozilla’s […]

Google Update January 2020: Latest News and Analysis

Google’s January 2020 Core Update started rolling out on the 13th of January as well as is being applied in the different Google data facilities over the subsequent days. Original source:

20/20 Vision: Rules Regulating Low Value Content Intensify – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

Episode Overview: The web released nearly 30 years ago and now has greater than 1.7 billion websites. Google’s internet spiders can comb web sites exceptionally quickly, yet as the amount of webpages raise, Google as well as various other search giants may need to control obsolete web content just to […]

20/20 Vision: The Impending End of the Backlink – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

Episode Overview: The backlink, a staple of SEO best methods, is trending toward an inevitable end in 2020 as well as beyond as search giants like Google seek to much better authority-building practices. Join Ben and Searchmetrics CEO Jordan Koene as they continue 20/20 Vision Week discussing the impending end […]

20/20 Vision: Google Expands its Update Communications – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

        Episode Overview: The number of Google algorithm updates reached a new high in 2019, along with their transparency in communication to keep the industry informed on the most recent changes. Join host Ben and Searchmetrics’ CEO Jordan as they review Google’s communication strategies and share what […]

20/20 Vision: A Rise in Featured and Vertical Paid Elements – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

Episode Overview: As Google moves to boost zero-click SEO positioning it’s also adding more vertical based paid advertisement aspects, which increases an important question– How will these adjustments influence advertisers and brand names? Sign Up With Ben and also Searchmetrics’ CEO Jordan as they proceed 20/20 Vision Week reviewing Google’s […]

20/20 Vision: Increasing Zero-Click SEO Positioning – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

        Episode Overview: SEO experienced massive changes throughout the 2010s with the rapid development of new technologies, which forever changed the ways we shop, conduct business, search and connect with each other. As we enter a new decade, SEOs everchanging nature guarantees the industry will undergo more changes […]

Google’s Holiday Shopping Experience: Black Friday Recap – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

Episode Overview: We’ve reached completion of the roadway for 2019 on the Voices of Search podcast, rounding out the year taking one final consider data from Black Friday’s results. Sign up with host Ben and Searchmetrics CEO Jordan Koene as they review a few of the huge champions as well […]

Analyzing Google’s Holiday Shopping Experience Search Data – Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

Episode Overview: In the spirit of providing this holiday Searchmetrics is sharing a big present from Google with our audiences. Google shared the leading 100 products users searched in Google’s Shopping Experience with a choose team of SEOs prior to releasing the information to the general public. Sign Up With […]